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No Bad Vibes

Dispel old negative energy, get pumped and get grounded at the same time. Your laser beam focus on the good things in life will amp up and so will you when you diffuse this one. Enjoy! Hop on over to … Continue reading

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Stress is Fear In Disguise

What happens when you take care of yourself? When you deeply, radically take care of yourself? When you take an hour a day to meditate, to take a bath, to be calm, to listen to your deepest inner needs and … Continue reading

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Finding Sacred Space

If there is one common thread that I see with busy moms it is that we don’t think we have the time or space to take care of ourselves. We feel guilty if we carve out time or space for … Continue reading

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When is enough, enough????

It used to be that women stayed home, cleaned, cooked and took care of the kids and lunched with the neighbors and that was pretty much it. Of course, this came with the the side effect of that being the … Continue reading

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Do you need to relax?

Is that a dumb question? I think we all need to chill. Do me a favor, check in with your breathing. Is it shallow? Dull? Bright? Fast? Fluid? Now check your jaw. Is it tight or clenched? Did you know … Continue reading

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The Perfect Yogi

It seems to me that, according to my beloved yoga magazines, that you need to be hot, skinny, decked out in designer yoga pants and uber flexible in order to practice yoga. Or, maybe the intent is to get you … Continue reading

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Almond Cocoa Protein Shake

Yummy, full of protein and filling! I need a good boost of energy before I head out to teach yoga and this shake fits the bill. Here is what you will need. 1 teaspoon of almond butter 1 scoop of … Continue reading

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Yoga Journal – Yoga News & Trends – Light on Iyengar

My mentor’s original mentor and teacher… Iyengar. I LOVE that I am only one degree of separation from the great Yogis of our time because of the tenacity and bravery of my teacher Cheryl Zak. Yoga Journal – Yoga News … Continue reading

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Do What You Love

When you are sleeping the days away, depressed and lost it is hard to remember what you love. Deep in a dark hole, there is no sunlight. Endless days on repeat. It is hard to see your way out when … Continue reading

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Prayer of St. Francis

The prayer ¬†of St. Francis is my favorite prayer. A fellow Yogini, China, introduced me to this version my Sarah McLachlan. I love Sarah McLachlan, but I can only take her in small doses because most of her songs make … Continue reading

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