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Be Kinder Than Necessary

One of my best friends signs all of her emails with this beautiful statement. What if we were all kinder than necessary, wouldn’t that make the world a much better place? Imagine with me a world where people let you … Continue reading

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My (parent’s) Beach House

I have spent many summers, many spring breaks and even a few Thanksgivings on a desolate beach on the Forgotten Coast of Florida. ┬áThis is the old school Florida house that you only see on TV now. Ground level, cinder … Continue reading

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Finding Sacred Space

If there is one common thread that I see with busy moms it is that we don’t think we have the time or space to take care of ourselves. We feel guilty if we carve out time or space for … Continue reading

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The Weird Way I Do Laundry

I have never really liked the perfume-y smell of some laundry detergents and fabric softeners. I can not imagine how overpowering those new scent beads must be. I just don’t think my clothes need to smell like a bottle of … Continue reading

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Grow baby grow!

We know local, organic veggies are good for us. Either you can go to your local farmers market every weekend, or try some gardening at home. You can’t get more local than that! Have you ever tasted a tomato right … Continue reading

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