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My (parent’s) Beach House

I have spent many summers, many spring breaks and even a few Thanksgivings on a desolate beach on the Forgotten Coast of Florida. ┬áThis is the old school Florida house that you only see on TV now. Ground level, cinder … Continue reading

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Our Sad Adoption Story with a Happy Ending

Our adoption story does not have trips to Africa, long months of waiting to find out if we had been chosen as adoptive parents, tons of money spent on legal fees or making our picture book for birth mother’s to … Continue reading

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Do What You Love

When you are sleeping the days away, depressed and lost it is hard to remember what you love. Deep in a dark hole, there is no sunlight. Endless days on repeat. It is hard to see your way out when … Continue reading

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When you miss somebody

You miss all of them. When you miss somebody you don’t just miss them as they were a few months or years ago, you miss them running around in diapers with curls bouncing and baby teeth grinning. When you miss … Continue reading

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