Want to Get the Best Oils Ever? Contact me.

For the fastest response find me on Facebook. My group Heather Swint – Essential Wellness is a secret group where we talk all things oily, yoga and nutrition. It is fun and interactive… so join me there! If you can not find it (because it is secret!) then message me. I am also on Periscope and Instagram.

You can also message me at heatherswint @ yahoo.com — but I am much better at checking messages on Facebook honestly 😉


Your grandma drank lemon and honey for a sore throat. Chamomile tea has been used for ages to help relax the mind and facilitate a good night’s sleep. Ginger is used in traditional Indian and Asian food to aid in digestion. People have been using natural remedies for ages.

Before our modern laboratories and drug stores, many of our solutions to stay healthy came came from plant based origins and the wisdom and knowledge our ancestors gathered over centuries. This wisdom didn’t stop being true because we now have microscopes and synthetic chemicals

I am a huge advocate for natural solutions. I use essential oils daily to support my health and wellbeing. Once you discover the power in these little bottles you will use them daily for all kinds of things like sleeplessness, attention,  joint health, seasonal discomfort, immune support and over all wellness. I am dedicated to educating you on this website, my blog, my Facebook page and in classes (both online and in person).

If you are thinking about buying some of these amazing oils  you can buy them retail, or wholesale. I can get you set up with a wholesale account that will get you 25% off the retail price and you can earn free product if you choose.

There are three paths you can take when you start using the oils.  Most people are users, some love to share the oils with their friends and then there are some that want to make sharing oils a part of their career.

If you are interested in sharing or building, you can be a part of my team and I will be your mentor. We have lots of trainings, one on one development and we have a lot of fun. You will be a part of a top team that is reaching for the stars.

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