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A time has come in my life that I need to make a transition. Transitions are often scary, exciting and calming all at the same time. The time has come for me to take a step back from owning a … Continue reading

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I LOVE ZUMBA.My first love was dance, so Zumba fits in with my child like energy to move and shake. However, Zumba is a far cry from the controlled moves of ballet, tap and jazz in my childhood. In Zumba … Continue reading

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You can’t LIVE without your LIVEr!

On Friday night Soul Shine Yoga & Wellness had our first nutrition workshop with Donna Terrazas. Let me just say she is AMAZING – a true wealth of information. She has been doing the whole natural healing, great diet, and … Continue reading

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8 Limbs of Yoga; Yamas and Niyamas

In America we tend to focus on power, results and what something looks like – especially when it comes to our bodies. Yoga will give you power, results and good looks – but that is just the very tippy tip … Continue reading

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Welcome to Soul Shine & Heather’s new blog home

Howdy! Welcome to the new blog. This one is cooler because: easier posting easier commenting lots of cool tools on here I did not get that cute girl to your right on my last blog I enjoy change… Well #5 … Continue reading

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Moving here!

Yup – I like it better in the WordPress world. I will be posting here from now on. Right now, I am hungry for breakfast and its only 6:30 AM. I have been up for over an hour 🙂 You … Continue reading

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Belly Dancing, Zumba Performances, New Clothing Line and YOGA – OH MY!

Many blessings to you all… Check out that beautiful picture! This is really a picture from the resort Soul Shine is hosting in June…see more info about this below….I have so many new blessings in my life I need to … Continue reading

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We can change the world with our own two hands….

Wow, its been a long time since I wrote on here…I feel bad and I have been missing it. I am so busy with Soul Shine, work, family, trying to keep up on the laundry…blah, blah, blah…trying to fit a … Continue reading

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Yoga for Strength and Toning

Tonight Soul Shine will be hosting 2 new classes. First up is our 6 week Beginner Series with China. This is going to be a great class where she takes you through the basics of yoga so you will feel comfortable … Continue reading

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Top 10 Reasons to Try Yoga

Top 10 Reasons to Try Yoga © Yoga Alliance 20061. STRESS RELIEF: Yoga reduces the physical effects of stress on the body. By encouraging relaxation, yoga helps to lower the levels of the stress hormone cortisol. Related benefits include lowering … Continue reading

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