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The Secret of Happiness

Happiness… it is a journey not a destination… right? Well…maybe I just want to enjoy the juicy, cheesy burger in front of me RIGHT NOW. Screw the destination to better health and no muffin top. I don’t care that I … Continue reading

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The Perfect Yogi

It seems to me that, according to my beloved yoga magazines, that you need to be hot, skinny, decked out in designer yoga pants and uber flexible in order to practice yoga. Or, maybe the intent is to get you … Continue reading

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Time Off – Being a Better Yoga Teacher

You learn more from other’s examples than by their words. When you watch another’s actions that has much greater impact than the words that come out of their mouth. I want you to be happy, healthy, and whole. For is … Continue reading

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I will see you in your dreams…

 She’s got wings, she’s got wings…  Hailey always told Colleen that she would see her in her dreams. I asked Colleen if she has had any dreams about her mama. “Yes.” This is what she is dreaming every … Continue reading

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Jump Out of a Plane

Today at the hospital I saw mass amounts of suffering.The man in the room next to us, moaning, not able to lay down because he was in a body/neck brace and could not move. His mother sitting across from him … Continue reading

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Mentally Realign

“As muscle groups become more balanced, your posture will begin to change. But along with doing the exercised to balance muscle groups and realign the body, you must mentally allow yourself to have an improved posture. Your mental concepts of … Continue reading

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Word of the day: Surly

What happens when a yoga teacher is surly? I am NOT surly in class – I totally come ALIVEEEEEE in class! I love it, but sometimes after I feel icky. I am human, normal and have stressful days. My sister’s … Continue reading

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Emotional Eating

I have had a crappy few days. My beloved little sister is back in the hospital with more tumors and not a very good outlook. She is scared, I am scared, my family is scared and Colleen is coloring a … Continue reading

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Sneaky Sugar…Mysterious Milk

Day 7 of the cleanse. Frustration and irritability are my two companions right now. This morning, feeling bloated, tired and about to kill someone for a bagel, I stepped on the scale. I was not happy after stepping on the scale. … Continue reading

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Belly Dancing, Zumba Performances, New Clothing Line and YOGA – OH MY!

Many blessings to you all… Check out that beautiful picture! This is really a picture from the resort Soul Shine is hosting in June…see more info about this below….I have so many new blessings in my life I need to … Continue reading

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