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Blood, Hot Showers and Breathing

My sis, Hailey, finally went home after recovering in the hospital from chemo for a week. She finally got the blood transfusion that she needed. She was not even making red blood cells anymore, her white blood cells were long … Continue reading

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From the front lines…

The war on cancer…maybe if we did not associate cancer with fighting, war and hostility we would have a better attitude towards it. Right now I do not have a good attitude at all. This sucks. There are no two … Continue reading

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Well – the latest update is that there are 2 more tumors already in Hailey. Its only been a few weeks since her surgery. The next step is 6 (count ’em – SIX) rounds of chemo that last a week … Continue reading

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Hails Naaah Update

Howdy everybody! My sister and mom send their love from Texas. They are tired, but doing well. Here is the low down… Hailey is working with THE doctor that is doing a huge research project on her type of cancer. … Continue reading

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Cancer Prevention

Since cancer has invaded my family I have radically changed my life. My diet has changed and my faith continues to grow. I truly believe your outlook on life will change your life. So…besides the obvious, like quitting smoking, how … Continue reading

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Off to Texas…

Well, Hailey is off to Texas right now. She is on an airplane and heading to MD Anderson in Houston. We had a little send off BBQ for her last night and she was holding up pretty good until she … Continue reading

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Sweet, Pink, Chemical Laden Kisses…

Don’t get me wrong, I completely support anything that brings money to any kind of cancer research. However, the whole breast cancer awareness that gets alllllll the attention by the large companies out there does kind of annoy me. What … Continue reading

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So, my cleanse has taken a turn from internal to external. Since moving into the tiny “grandma” house I have to make the most of my space. In that spirit, this weekend I pulled out all of my tank tops … Continue reading

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Crazy, Sexy goddess..

I love this woman. She has been an insperation to my sister through cancer, and I have learned so much from her its amazing.

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