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Is your pantry killing you slowly?

The first step to a healthy diet is to clean out your pantry & fridge. Get rid of the “food like” substances and replace them with real healthy food. 

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Short Simple Cleanse

Mike and I (yes you read that correctly, Mike is doing this too) are doing a short 5-7 day cleanse. I already have a headache, because I have not had any sugar in 24 hours… but it will be worth … Continue reading

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Really Good For You Soup

I christen thee “If this soup does not cure what ails ya, I don’t know what will.” I made this soup chock full of good for you ingredients last night and everybody loved it. Plus I was feeling stuffy, groggy … Continue reading

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Soul Food

It has almost been one full month since my sister’s cross over and I am feeling drained. There have been many changes in the last few months of my life and lots more in the last few weeks. I know … Continue reading

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You can’t LIVE without your LIVEr!

On Friday night Soul Shine Yoga & Wellness had our first nutrition workshop with Donna Terrazas. Let me just say she is AMAZING – a true wealth of information. She has been doing the whole natural healing, great diet, and … Continue reading

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Let the cleansing begin!

Salty, bloated and tired! This is how I feel after days of stuffing my face with pie, stuffing, mac & cheese and this delicious coconut thingie my sister in law’s mama made – its time to eat clean again or … Continue reading

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The Yoga of Food

Yoga teaches us to balance our body, and in turn our mind will be more balanced and…in turn, our Spirit will be the leader instead of our silly ego. I have been cleansing for a while now. Eating very clean … Continue reading

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Sneaky Sugar…Mysterious Milk

Day 7 of the cleanse. Frustration and irritability are my two companions right now. This morning, feeling bloated, tired and about to kill someone for a bagel, I stepped on the scale. I was not happy after stepping on the scale. … Continue reading

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The next day…so far so good

Pau d’Arco Bark Hola amigos…The first day of the cleanse went well. The only thing I think I could have eaten better was dinner. When I get home at 9:00 PM after a long day, I am starving. I ate … Continue reading

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Day One…

Day one of the yeast free diet & Heather’s life makeover! I really am looking forward to it instead of dreading it. I am excited about losing weight, feeling 100% better and cleansing out toxins in my gut & blood. … Continue reading

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