Stress is Fear In Disguise

stressWhat happens when you take care of yourself?

When you deeply, radically take care of yourself?

When you take an hour a day to meditate, to take a bath, to be calm, to listen to your deepest inner needs and wishes?

Stress lessens. That is what happens. But on a deeper level, the fear of NOT BEING ENOUGH goes away. You realize that you are enough and the world is skewed and messed up and that is what keeps telling you that you are not enough. That voice in your head is manufactured – a product of the media and negative energy in this world. The negative energy is perpetuated by the media and the constant bombardment of messages that tell us that we are not enough.

A simple example of this is Pintrest. I have spent hours upon hours on pintrest. I can admit that it is total escapism. I have found good recipes, great oil tips and amazing decorating ideas on there. But mostly, it is escapism – that eventually stresses me out because I FEAR that I am not living up to the weird, manufactured, expectations of non-existant people on pintrest. Does this ring true to anyone else, or am I losing my marbles?

I bet that I am actually pretty sane and that my sanity is becoming clearer as I keep examining the chronic stress/fear/guilt cycle in the world.

When I beat the drum of self-care I whole heartedly believe that it can change the world if we take care of ourselves. Less stress, less fear, less consumerism, less ADDICTION to food, internet, TV, drugs, alcohol, gossip, chaos…

More present awareness, more love, more peace, more nature

Think for a minute that YOU ARE ENOUGH. Yes, you. Throw all of the negative words like boasting, bragging, egotistical, stupid, crazy, etc… out of your vocab for a minute. Suspend your disbelief in yourself!

Repeat after me, close your eyes and say: I AM ENOUGH. I am more than enough, I am actually amazing and I am doing a good job at this life thing.

How do you feel? Did that feel good? Did you feel fear? Where did that fear come from if so? Did you feel peace? Where did that peace come from if so?

I want to talk about this topic a LOT – A LOT. Help me keep the conversation going by commenting, asking questions and experimenting with radical self care and telling others of the results. Be the light.

Much love,



About heatherswint

Hi! I'm Heather - Mom, Wife, Yogi, Music Lover, Clean Eater and Obsessed with Essential Oils.
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