Finding Sacred Space

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Sometimes I have a furry meditation partner.

If there is one common thread that I see with busy moms it is that we don’t think we have the time or space to take care of ourselves. We feel guilty if we carve out time or space for just us.  But, when we are followed around by little angels/demons all day, we tend to get a little frazzled.  I remember the days when I could not go to the bathroom by myself and honestly, my girl is a tween and she has just started leaving me alone when I get on the phone. If I go to my room to practice yoga or meditate, she still finds a reason to come and talk to me. I now tell her that unless there is blood or fire – do not disturb. It is only for a few minutes. I know she is fine. This will help her become more independent and I think it will be helpful for her to know that she too can take a time out when she is 40 something and has little ones of her own to take care of. sacred space, meditate, yoga, flower, books, journal

I had to purposefully create sacred space for myself. I have friends who have created tis space in closets! It can be done even if you think you can’t! We all need a spot in our home to call “ours.” This spot is only for me. I love my spot. I have a big comfy chair (sometimes it is too comfortable for mediation!) a small table for inspiring books, my journal, a small altar and that’s it. That is all I need. Everybody knows in my house that this is my spot and it is not to be messed with. I keep it cleaner than any other space in the home to be honest. It is special.

meditate, journal, books, read, decorate, time, mom, family, kids, yogaI sit here when I teach my online oil classes. I meditate here daily. I read in my big cozy chair. I journal.

Does that make me a bad mom? I sure hope not. But, I bet ya you might feel guilty if you claimed your space or time. We all do. Get over it. Seriously, for the sake of your kids and yourself… get over it. Claim an adult time out and get your meditation practice (or reading or yoga) going.

Do you have a space that you can call your own in your house? If not… why? If you don’t have room, then get creative like my friend with a meditation space in her closet. Even if you make your bathroom super duper cozy and put a mediation cushion in there, that is the start of something.

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Hi! I'm Heather - Mom, Wife, Yogi, Music Lover, Clean Eater and Obsessed with Essential Oils.
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4 Responses to Finding Sacred Space

  1. I love this. It makes you a great mom in my opinion. You are showing them how to honor their own unique spirit. Shine on!

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