Donna…the Transformational Life Coach – and what the heck is reunion energy healing anyway?

Here I go again, pouring my heart out on the computer screen.

I have had 3 energy healing sessions with Donna and its always amazing, right on the money and very peaceful. If you are wondering what this is all about here is a summary of my last session with Donna using reunion energy healing.

My issue: a permanent lump in my throat, it has been there for years and it drives me nuts, its stuck qi (or energy) and I want it OUT

Here is what Donna discovered through the healing… the stuff in italics is my 2 cents. 

  • Dimension: where my issue is located is in my 3rd Chakra, the throat and that “Love as a presence, your trust in the Divine is a supporting radiance in every situation” – basically I am not trusting God to get me through all of this crap I am going through.
  • This is “affecting my Charisma as an unwitting loss of gratitude and joy, this loss of joy has been graying your charismatic presence in the world.” – Ugh…grey charisma, that is not pretty, loss of joy and gratitude…sounds about right even though I am fighting to hang on to the light.
  • Kundalini: (interesting that my healing went to a yogic term…the universe knows my language) I am in a boxed in place that has confused my ability to nourish, fulfill and feed myself. TRUE DAT! At this point in the healing Donna started to feel a boxed in feeling in her throat, which is exactly what I feel all the time. This may sound woo woo crazy, but the way I look at it is energy is energy, it can not be destroyed so as I am trying to get rid of it I transfered some of it to her. Another way of looking at it is “releasing the flies” as my massage therapist friend calls it, just like in The Green Mile when John Coffey heals somebody then coughs up flies. 
  • Nourishment: I need to be supported by my inner resource (aka GOD)
  • Resource: my inner strength and the urge for a grander and more potent life has been leaking away 😦 
  • Territory: losing faith, losing instinctive understanding…yes, that too as much as I hate to admit it, but the darkness I am in is blinding
  • Implant: on my tongue (makes sense since this is manifesting in my throat), this denies me the heart energies that enable me to manifest in the material world. At this point we do some visualization exercises that help me release some of the pressure in my throat
  • Reunion: A failure of heart and profound sense of struggle is trying to resolve, but its being jammed in some way.
  • Complete resolution requires the courage to awaken from this implanted trance that hoods my existence. (hoods is a nice way to put it, some days I feel trapped under a house a la Wizard of Oz)
  • Trance: feeling wrong, limited, sad, condemned, manipulated or distracted by others – shielded from the WONDER of LIFES INFINITE POSSIBILITIES – I can not tell you how true this is in my life. I KNOW there is more, but I feel stuck. So how the heck to I get out of this “trance” ???
  • Now for the good part… Abilities & Blessing: Being in the flow, restating your true purpose and happily gliding toward their accomplishments. As your higher self, be aware that you are opening your heart to your loving and courageous artistry. So the way I get out of this trance of grey, trapped, boxed in limited thinking and doing is to rest in the Divine flow of the Universe and opening my heart to the possibilities of an amazing life.

So, is the lump in my throat gone? No. It was for about a day and then it came back. The work is up to me. I need to trust that God will get me through all of this, open my heart and get in the flow. Its time for me to get off the bank of the river of life and jump in. I am aware this is going to take time. Three years of fear, sadness and helplessness has beaten me up. Now my sister is gone and it sucks. I don’t have to worry about her dying anymore, that part is over. I miss her and I just want her back. I need to have the courage to jump in the flow of life without her.  I don’t want to. So this work is up to me and God will be my guide… listening to my heart and having the courage to follow it.

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