Yoga Music

Some teachers do not use music at all in their classes. It can be distracting especially if the music has words. I do use music, some days I do use familiar songs that have words like some Bob Marley, The Beatles and U2. Those are normally fun classes, a little looser and chill. In most of my yoga classes I use music that is soothing and instrumental – or with Sanskrit chanting. My favorite is Deva Premal. Her voice is so soothing and you know she truly has a big, loving heart that is expressed in the gift of voice.  This song Om Namo Bhagatave is one of my personal favorites. The meaning of these words according to her website is…

Om is the name of that inside me,  

which is aware of the unity of  
all things



About heatherswint

Hi! I'm Heather - Mom, Wife, Yogi, Music Lover, Clean Eater and Obsessed with Essential Oils.
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