Atlanta Yoga Conference…

This is how I felt after 12 hours of yoga

Oh lawd…where do I start?

I had an amazing weekend full of Yoga, OMs, sore hips and stabilizing sacrums. I even had an imaginary baby, all at the Atlanta Yoga Conference at Urban Studios in Midtown.  I am tired today, but my hips are not sore and I feel really good besides being tireeeed.

There were so many life changing, practice changing, teaching changing moments…but I will narrow it down to the top seven. Seven because it’s a cooler number than 10. Seven is odd and prime,  in a good way – like me. 🙂

Top 7 Moments:

1.  Miachelle Edward’s “Get Flexible from Your Brain” workshop was in a word, different. Breathing like you’re sipping through a straw (or smoking something funny) and exhaling through your mouth with your tongue out is a very different way of breathing in a yoga class, but it had dynamic effects on the practice. Did you know that your tongue is connected to your diaphram? Talk about a full exhale! I felt like a giddy, energetic, healthy teenager (with more sense) after the class. 

2. Learing how to move and come back to my midline. This is an element that has been missing from my practice and teaching – so get ready students to learn where your sacrum, pelvis, psoas and diaphragm are and move from there – not from your limbs or joints.

3. Learing how not to over stretch and lock in the joint (shoulders especially) for more stability and control. This does not mean that we will be locking knees and such in poses, it just means that when you do move into a posture – you should be stable and not wobbly, especially in the joints!  I do teach this, but I have learned new language to get my point across in my mind and I hope others.

4. Sitting on the front steps drinking a smoothie and eating a snack with one of my yoga friends. Cool breeze, sunshine, smoothies and good conversation – life does not get much better than this.

5. “Accidentally” taking a class that was about teaching kids. This is something that has been on my mind a lot lately and the universe just plopped me down in the middle of a class about teaching kids that I thought was about Chakras. I will say it again “Coincidences are God’s way of remaining anonymous” (borrowed from Einstein) *Awesome side note, the next morning I got a call about teaching kids at Hamilton Mill. My mind and spirit did an awesome tap dance when I got this call. You would have paid money to see it. 🙂

6. Ana Brett & Ravi Singh’s Kundalini workshop: these famous yogis were very nice and the class was enlightening. I loved it. I have never practiced Kundalini Yoga before, so this was different. Lots of belly rolls, sonic chakra cleansing and chanting. Plus Ana’s hair was cool. She can fling it around like crazy and looks super hot while she does it. I guess that is why she has so many DVDs. I got to ask Ravi about my closed throat chakra and he gave me some pranayama (breath) exercises to do at home. Neato torpedo.

7. Am I at my last one? Crud. Um…I can’t choose. What should I choose, the free style dancing, the yoga as therapy class…ummmm…the whole experience – yes….the whole experience. Being around other Yogis and hearing Oms floating around in space like a collective love letter to God, feeling like I was wrapped in velvet in my last Savasana, laughing and dancing free in time and space…learning, loving, down doging, chanting, moving, sweating and releasing…


Love & Light

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Hi! I'm Heather - Mom, Wife, Yogi, Music Lover, Clean Eater and Obsessed with Essential Oils.
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