Law of Attraction or Does God Give Us Gifts?

This weekend was amazing. We got to spend time with our friends and shake our bones to some fantastic music. We stayed with friends at Mike’s brother’s house. Some great friends of ours were our roomies for the weekend. This morning they left to head back to Asheville and unfortunately, they forgot their little lunch bag full of snacks. Not interesting at all…and what does this have to do with “The Secret” or the law of attraction or the price of tea in China?

A few weeks ago I posted that I wanted a Bento Box for lunches. Then we had a nutrition seminar at Soul Shine and after that I decided I needed a small/medium insulated cooler to take healthy snacks and lunches with me everywhere so I don’t eat junk food during the day.  I did not buy either of them because it was not necessary, and I am being frugal for once in my life.


Our friends said that leaving the snacks was no big deal (except that they were sad about the cookies not coming home to them) and that I can have the lunch bag. Is this just a coincidence?  Anybody see the movie or read the book  “The Secret?” I have. I have also read the Bible verse that says something like “God knows the desires of our hearts and he longs to give it to us.” So…did God give me a tiny trinket to say “Hi, I am listening, here is a token of my affection, eat well” or was it the Law of Attraction, or just a coincidence ?

Albert Einstein said “Coincidences are God’s way of remaining anonymous”

What do you think?


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Hi! I'm Heather - Mom, Wife, Yogi, Music Lover, Clean Eater and Obsessed with Essential Oils.
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2 Responses to Law of Attraction or Does God Give Us Gifts?

  1. karenslappey says:

    i think i like the way that fox mulder said it best (x-philes will remember this): “if coincidences are just coincidences, why do they always feel so contrived?”

    this topic is a tough one for me. i was raised in churched with the ‘name it and claim it mentality.’ the belief that god wants to give us the desires of our hearts is biblical; it’s in there. i just think it has been way over-used. however, even with my sometimes jaded views, i do still believe that there is a god that loves us and wants us to step into the ever flowing river of grace that is always available to us. there is a god that wants us to be happy, and this includes allowing us to have what we want. so, heather, i’m glad you got your lunch box. but, what happens when we don’t get what we want? right now i am struggling through huge frustration because i still don’t have a permanent job. i know that heather struggles because of the circumstances surrounding the health of her mother and hailey. so, even though there is grace, this human existence offers a lot, (READ: A LOT) of opportunities to look upward, or sideways, god is everywhere, right?) and ask why? sometimes we get what we desire and sometimes we don’t. sometimes (most of the time) we get what we need.
    so, no, i haven’t read “the secret”, but i do know it’s about attracting the things that you want. that’s groovy ‘n all, but i prefer the old african proverb that says, “when you pray, move your feet.”

    • heatherswint says:

      I think I am going to use that African proverb in class, I love it.
      Yea, “the ‘Secret'” is about attracting what you want into your life – which has some merit, however if you don’t “MOVE YOUR FEET” you are not going to get anywhere – sitting around and wishing for a new bike is not going to get you a bike, you have to put it out there and maybe go earn some money to buy a bike – or maybe a friend will give it to you as a gift and as you thank your friend for the bike, maybe you could also thank God for the bike and for sending such a generous cool friend into your life.

      Yes, there are A LOT of circumstances that we are asking “why Lord why!!!???” (insert screaming and crying for mercy on my sister and mom, and for friends) Life is not fair, or linear – and its not infinite on this playing field, so we have the horrible reality of facing death, illness and pain in our lives. Why? Well, I don’t know a real good answer but…suffering brings us closer to God, that is kind of a universial truth in all religions – even in meditation, when you suffer through a foot that has pins and needles and get to the point that you ignore it, you have suffered and come closer to God by quieting your mind even further. Suffering with my families’ illnesses etc…has brought me closer to God. The ultimate pain – death – will bring us right there with him. Death to self will set us free.

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