The Yoga of Food

Yoga teaches us to balance our body, and in turn our mind will be more balanced and…in turn, our Spirit will be the leader instead of our silly ego.

I have been cleansing for a while now. Eating very clean and staying away from alcohol. This week I have not stuck to the cleanse as strictly as my body would have liked. I went to a concert, The Avett Brothers, on Friday and I had a few beers. This threw me so off balance that the next day I took a 3 hour nap. Ick. Today, I had a fantastic brunch with salmon cake benedict. Yum. I also had a delicious strawberry lemonade mimosa. This has not made me feel bad at all. Now I am drinking fresh juice of a tart apple, spinach and carrot. I feel balanced, I feel healthy, I feel fine.

I guess my point is this – don’t eat or drink EVERYTHING you want, because your silly ego will say “go ahead and have another” but eating mindfully, in a yogic way, will help you feel balanced and healthy. Having one mimosa at Sunday brunch is OK. The yogis would approve.

PS – The Avett Brothers was possibly one of the best shows I have ever seen – and I’ve seen a lot. Anybody want to guess how many? I don’t even know the exact number…but we can see who comes closest to my best guess. 🙂

About heatherswint

Hi! I'm Heather - Mom, Wife, Yogi, Music Lover, Clean Eater and Obsessed with Essential Oils.
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