Welcome to Soul Shine & Heather’s new blog home


Welcome to the new blog. This one is cooler because:

  1. easier posting
  2. easier commenting
  3. lots of cool tools on here
  4. I did not get that cute girl to your right on my last blog
  5. I enjoy change…

Well #5 does not necessarily make this a better blog, but I do enjoy change. Most people resist change – but why? It is the only constant thing in our lives besides God. Your life, hair, weight, likes, dislikes, toes, and marriages will all change…but God is there with you through all of it.  That is what I know for sure – the rest of it is up for debate.

The cleanse is going very, very well. I have not stepped on a scale yet because I still feel bloated , so I am going to wait till that goes away to get a good reading. However, I FEEL wonderful! I have so much energy! I can stay up all day and not want a nap. This is new for me because I have been napping a lot lately. My skin looks better and feel lighter.

Today my food choices have been:

BIG Salad with beets, tomatoes, hearts of palm, leafy greens and a hard boiled egg, homemade dressing with organic sunflower oil and apple cider vinegar. Why is it with a salad you can eat eggs, beets and lettuce and not think twice about it. If I told you I was going to make you an egg, beet and lettuce sandwich – you would most likely refuse. Hum.

I also ate a baked sweet potato – good Lord it was tasty.

Tonight Soul Shine is hosting a fundraiser for the Babes for Boobs 3 Day Walk team for the cure. Its going to be a great night – I can feel it!

Namaste peeps

About heatherswint

Hi! I'm Heather - Mom, Wife, Yogi, Music Lover, Clean Eater and Obsessed with Essential Oils.
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2 Responses to Welcome to Soul Shine & Heather’s new blog home

  1. awesome! I love the new site! Great job on your cleanse. About the oil, have you tried Coconut Oil instead? It gives a tropical taste, but it has amazing anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, etc… properties. It is often used as a Candida Cleanse in itself. I have some in the office if you wanna give it a try. Gonna try to get my website straightened out and will link to you!

    Great job, Heather. Very proud of you and will see you tonight!

    Raye Lynn

    • heatherswint says:

      I have read a LOT about coconut oil and how it kills bad bacteria in the gut…its worth getting and using in dressings and such. I think you can also use it for cosmetics – that is why I like sunflower oil, its also great for after a bath. I add lavender and sweet orange oil to the sunflower oil and it smells goooood.

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