Day One…

Day one of the yeast free diet & Heather’s life makeover!
I really am looking forward to it instead of dreading it. I am excited about losing weight, feeling 100% better and cleansing out toxins in my gut & blood. This is the first of many steps I am taking to live a more authentic life that honors the way I want to live. I am not selfish, but I give a lot and I also tend to morph myself to adapt to situations that I may or may not want to be a part of. That stops now.
Whew. Powerful.
I just felt a bolt of positive strong energy jump into my heart.
I do not think this is going to be easy. Tears will flow, but so will joy, smiles and freedom.

First things first, clean the shell. My body needs a good cleaning, scrubbing down with greens, water and herbs. Great food, acupuncture, massage and yoga are my new drugs of choice. Alcohol and anxiety meds – be gone! I am finished with you! I did the right thing and tapered off of the meds that I have been on for 2 years. Since Hailey was diagnosed with the big C word medication was not an option, I needed it. I think I would be in a padded room if it were not for those pills. However – its time for me to let them go. This is a personal decision for me. Some people are much better off on anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medications. Its medically necessary. So, if you are not ready for this – DO NOT DO IT. Always talk to a professional before you start on this journey.

Cleaning my shell will include a “yeast free” diet. Its really the best diet for me. I have done it before and felt like a million bucks. But, I like beer, and pizza, and cheese…so its not a lifetime diet for me. However, I will only use the aforementioned foods in moderation since they do not jive with my organic constitution.

What is a yeast free diet? The “no list” is pretty long, but here it goes:
No cheese/dairy (except eggs)
No vinegar, with the exception of Apple Cider vinegar with the “mother”; this one is difficult because all condiments have vinegar, so you have to make your own dressings and such – I need to find mayo with no vinegar…is that even possible?
No SUGAR. At all.
No white food – like white bread, white potatoes, pasta etc…
No fermented foods, so no soy sauce, pickles or alcohol (how will I make it through the nights when I just want a cocktail?!)
No artificial sweeteners like aspartame and look out for sugar alcohols in “sugar free” foods

Veggies – the greener the better
Lean, organic meats (yea…I am going to have to work on that one since I am a vegetarian, ugh.)
Protein shakes
Certain fruits like dark berries and avocados (can not have anything too sweet like pineapple)
Lemons, limes
All spices and herbs
Whole grains like brown rice, rice pasta and quinoa (I will explain quinoa in another post)
Tofu and tempeh in small amounts
Braggs liquid aminos
Ezekiel bread – but only on occasion
Lots, and lots of water

That is the gist of it. Eating out is the biggest challenge – and family gatherings. Why does everything at a family dinner have to include mayo and cheese?
Today’s menu
Unsalted rice cake with almond butter and organic blueberries (breakfast)
Egg cups (mid morning and afternoon snack)
Hummus with rice crackers (lunch)
Tomato & Cucumber salad with olive oil, dill and apple cider vinegar (lunch)
Apple with almond butter (pre-yoga snack/dinner)
Brown rice and beans if I am hungry after yoga tonight – if not, I am really going to try to stick to tea because eating at 9:00PM every night is not good for the digestive system

Till tomorrow….
Love and Light

About heatherswint

Hi! I'm Heather - Mom, Wife, Yogi, Music Lover, Clean Eater and Obsessed with Essential Oils.
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1 Response to Day One…

  1. Raye Lynn says:

    great start! I need to do this too! LOTS AND LOTS OF WATER!! Detox in the sauna or short walks in this heat will do essentially the same. Good luck and keep us posted! Really want to be in the place you are!

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