Morning Yoga

Morning Yoga
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Yoga in the morning…what a delicious way to start the day. I am an admitted sleepy head in the morning, so sometimes I sleep too late and I do not have enough time to squeeze in a morning practice. On the days I do get up and leave at least 45 minutes for a well rounded practice – I feel like singing all day! Good Day Sunshine! I have more energy sans the caffeine, and I am more peaceful throughout the day.

Your morning yoga practice should be different than our evening yoga practice. In the morning I typically to do more standing poses, some sun salutations, and more back bends than I do for an evening practice. This is because back bends, standing postures and dynamic series like sun salutations tend to be more stimulating.

I follow up my asana practice with some pranayama (breathing exercises) and a short meditation…short only because I know I need to let the dogs out, get in the shower and get on with my daily routine. Evening tends to lend itself more to a longer meditation time.

Morning yoga makes the grind of a typical work day a bit more peaceful and centered, tempers do not flare as quickly, the day seems to move at a reasonable pace, and the mind is sharp.

If you practice yoga at home regularly, I recommend you try getting up a bit early and do some morning yoga. See how this practice influences the rest of your day.


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Hi! I'm Heather - Mom, Wife, Yogi, Music Lover, Clean Eater and Obsessed with Essential Oils.
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