And you thought oregano was just for spaghetti…

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Since I have been cleanising my outside world, I thought it was time to do the same for my insides. I am starting a month long cleanse today. I could shorten it to two weeks if I wanted to double up on the doseage, but I think I will wait to see how it goes for a week on the 1/2 dose. This cleanse targets candida in your gut. Symptoms of having too much candida in your gut can range from craving sweets, headaches, cold hands and feet, bloating, sinus problems, panic attacks, depression, chemical (smells) sensitivity, hives and much more. I know that this covers a lot, and sounds like we could all have this issue, and I bet most of us do. The treatment is either a diet where you don’t eat anything that causes yeast to grow and that includes: sweets, simple carbs, vinegar, dairy and any fermented products including alcohol and soy sauce…I have actually done this one before and I do NOT want to do it again, so this time I found a cleanse that includes herbs that get rid of candida such as oregano oil, pau d’arco bark and lots of other good stuff.

Hopefully I will not be too cranky or tired, but the pay off will be worth it! I gurantee I will feel MUCH better and have lots more energy. My tummy will be happy and my mind will be clear. Speaking of the tummy and mind…did you know that over 90% of seratonin lives in your gut? Its true! So if your tummy is not happy, you will not be happy.

Wish me luck.

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Hi! I'm Heather - Mom, Wife, Yogi, Music Lover, Clean Eater and Obsessed with Essential Oils.
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